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Catalogue Einstein

Mars, 2012 - Montpellier Danse, on the occasion of the revival of "Einstein on the Beach" by Philip Glass and Robert Wilson, produced by the National Opera of Montpellier 35 years after its first performance Avignon.

February, 2011 - At the Arts Arena, Doors Studio, in Paris (France), in the presence of Robert Wilson

February, 2011 - Fine Arts Museum in Orleans (France) during the Musical Week dedicated to the composer Philip Glass

Photographic Exhibition Einstein on the beach 2011-11-20

“1976-2011 : Revisiting Einstein on the Beach by Philip Glass and Robert Wilson, 35 Years after Avignon”

Philippe Gras has photographed extensively the production and the performance of Einstein on the Beach in 1976, in Avignon. The selection of 34 photographs of various formats composing this exhibition goes through the different stages of this venture, from the beginning of the production to the performance on stage. It shows some of the most intense moments of the creative process conducted by Robert Wilson and Philip Glass.

About Philippe and his work, Daniel Caux, author and musical critic, has written: “The photographer Philippe Gras has been one of the most impressive figures of the Free Jazz epic in France, when it unfolded as a maelstrom in the Sixties and the Seventies. In this field, Philippe made splendid photographs of Thelonious Monk, Albert Ayler, Sun Ra, the Art Ensemble of Chicago… but he has also photographed Rock n’ Roll artists, Minimalist musicians like Terry Riley, La Monte Young. He found time to explore the Far East and bring back photographs of the temples of Angkor. He was on the spot to photograph the Deafman’s Glance, thus starting a long-standing friendship and cooperation with Robert Wilson. His photographic art is really unique. Using the stage spotlights to create mysterious halos around the musicians whom he liked to capture in a backlight, Philippe used to add waves of light to the waves of sound penetrating the mind of the spectator. He was creating, literally, musical photographs.”